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Outdoors enjoying a beautiful day. Off duty, but everyone thinks I'm working. Guess its cause my everyday attire is that of a $5 Street Whore ?!?!?
Raquel St.Clair of Chicago's West Suburbs

Transvestite SLUT, Bondage Model, airhead bimbo, and the Queen of Way Too Short Daisy Dukes
Raquel St.Clair the DUMB Tanned Blondie Transvestite Bondage Whore is seeking work doing the only thing this DUMB BIMBO is smart enough to do... Be Tied Up!
Noo idea what's going on over here but hey, should I really care? :)
Rain DeGrey was loud as fuck in this shoot, then again she always is! ..it was good one as well!
What you're looking at? She just decided to take her pet out!