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Mikaela Witt
Dom, Latex, Bondage Lots to see at her website
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>> She was so happy the other "cool" school girls invited her to a sleep over. She went to the house of the girl who invited her even though they have never spoken before. She was always the little outsider and didn't belong to what is declared as cool. However she was greeted nicely by all the girls as she arrived. It started as a really nice evening with a bit gossip and a lot of alcohol. She felt like she was a part of the group. At one point they started to playing truth or dare. The other girls talked a lot about the nasty stuff they are into while she never thought about anything else than studying. She was really nervous tho intoxicated by the alcohol. At one point it was her turn. She chose dare. One of the girls grinned and said "I dare you to let me put that in your cute mouth" while she grabbed a ball gag from her bag. She felt already pretty dizzy due to the alcohol and accepted. She was now part of the group! The girl went over to her and kneed before her on the ground while all the other girl came watching too. The girl grabbed her jaw and opened gently the mouth of her. Then put the ball in her mouth and went on the back of her where she put the streams together. Very very tightly. Suddenly there was this little lock in the hand of the girl. All the other girls began to giggle. Then she locked the streams and kept the key for herself. "Strip her girls!" The girl in the back screamed and the girls fell over her. Ripping her blouse apart and starting to grop her breasts. Then they pulled down her pants. She wanted to scream but that tight ball in her mouth muffled every sound. After minutes she was totally naked and the other girls stand around laughing at her. Then the doorbell rang. "Oh this must be the boys! The night just has started... and for one girl here it will be a long night!" They giggled and went together to the door. The helpless girl was so horrified. She tried to remove the gag but the lock kept it safe. She started drooling and felt so embarassed because she couldn't stop it. Then they came back with a bunch of guys in the back ....